1-3: **STEAM: Release you inner scientist with this hands on camp! WE will explore science, technology, engineering, art and math. Please bring in an empty tin can to make a ROBOT! ($75 camp, Closed on Monday, May 31st) 

7-10: **Green Thumb Club: Join our club to learn about nature, science, gardening, fairies, recycling, and taking care of Mother Earth! A fairy may stop by!

14-17: **Unicorn Magic: Rainbows, sprinkles, cupcakes, glitter...Be a UNICORN, learn some magic and make unicorn goop! Visitors may include: Trolls and a Magician

21-24: **Space is the Place:  3,2,1 BLAST OFF to Space as we explore the great unknown. Guests may include a Star Wars visitor. May the force be with you!


28-1: Proud To Be An American: We will be patriotic all week with fun activities and learning about our country! Wear Red, White and Blue!

6-8: Kindness Camp: Kindness is a positive act and feeling! During this camp we will have kindness activities and learn all about doing kind acts for friends, family and neighbors.

($75 camp, Closed on Monday, July 5th)

12-15: **Dino Camp: This camp features all things DINOSAURS! Dino digs, dino stomp and dino crafts! The Reptile Experience may visit with some cool creatures!

19-22: **Messy Mania: Come in old clothes as we explore all things MESSY! From painting to bubbles to SLIME! Don't miss this one! The Reptile Experience may visit with some slimy creatures!

26-29: **Visual Arts Camp: Design, jewelry, drawing, painting and more! Let out your inner artist and lets create! A special guest may give us an art lesson!



2-5: School of Rock: Rock and Roll is here to stay! Come jam with us as we explore music, instruments, drama and dance! Guests may include Stage Play and Ms. Susan (Dance Instructor). 

9-12: Under The Sea: Lets go to the beach, play in the sand and learn about ocean creatures! Guests may include Ariel or Moana!

16-19: **Builders in Training: Calling all future engineers! Come build, create and explore with us as we use LEGOS, blocks, recyclables and more! Guests may include the Children's Museum.

23-26: NO CAMP: Open for tuition based student's only.

**$100 per camp

**Snack is provided

**Camps are Monday - Thursday, 9:30 - 12:30

**A two week notice and camp withdraw form will be required for a refund.

** All camps must be paid in FULL when registering

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Summer Stay-Cation
  • Package delivered to your home will include themed activities for the camp you register for, supplies, instructions, science and art activities, etc... (all will be educational, and will include a special message for your child).

  • Daily online lessons will be M-TH via YouTube and provided by a TWL teacher!

  • All June summer campers will receive a SPECIAL TWL promotional item! (To be announced)

  • An add-on fee will be available if you need extra supplies for additional siblings ($10 for each set)

  • PRICE: $50.00

Please print/scan or send a picture to cbender@twlinc.org. If you do not have access to print please send us an email with all of the information on the form.