1-4: **Mini Med/Vet School: Bring a stuffed animal to camp each day, as our future doctors will need a patient! Visitors may include Hawthorne Animal Hospital, EMT/Fire Dept., and other medical professionals. 

8-11: **Green Thumb Club: Join our club to learn about nature, science, gardening, fairies, recycling, and taking care of Mother Earth! A fairy may stop by!

15-18: **Unicorn Magic: Rainbows, sprinkles, cupcakes, glitter...Be a UNICORN, learn some magic and make unicorn goop! Visitors may include: Trolls and a Magician

22-25: **Builders in Training: Calling all future engineers! Come build, create and explore with us as we use LEGOs, blocks, recyclables and more! Guests may include The Children's Museum.


29-2: Jet Setter: You will need your passport as we go international and travel the world! We will learn about different cultures and languages. Special visitors will teach us all about Africa, Mexico and more!

6-9: Kindness Camp: Kindness is a positive act and feeling! During this camp we will have kindness activities and learn all about doing kind acts for friends, family and neighbors.

13-16: Frozen Frenzy: Join us at TWL as we explore the magical town of Arendelle for our fun FROZEN 2 Camp! Special guest may include a Frozen character

20-23: **Messy Mania: Come in old clothes as we explore all things MESSY! From painting to bubbles to SLIME! Don't miss this one! The Reptile Experience may visit with some slimy creatures!

27-30: Ninja Mania: COWABUNGA! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will help us learn some Ninja moves. OH...and we will of course be eating PIZZA! Special guest may include Myung Martial Arts!


3-6: **Space is the Place:  3,2,1 BLAST OFF to space as we explore the great unknown! Special guests may include a Star Wars character. May the force be with you!

10-13: School of Rock: Rock and Roll is here to stay! Come jam with us as we explore music, instruments, drama and dance! Guests may include Stage Play and Ms. Susan (Dance Instructor). 

17-20: **STEAM: Release your inner scientist with this hands on camp! We will explore science, technology, engineering, art and math! Please bring in an empty tin can to make a robot!

24-27: Marvel Camp: Calling all MARVEL SUPERHEROES! Show off your bravery and skills during this camp! Wear your superhero costume each day!

**$100 per camp

** $50 online option

**Snack is provided

**Camps are Monday - Thursday, 9:30 - 12:30

**A two week notice and camp withdraw form will be required for a refund.

** All camps must be paid in FULL when registering

Summer Stay-Cation
  • Package delivered to your home will include themed activities for the camp you register for, supplies, instructions, science and art activities, etc... (all will be educational, and will include a special message for your child).

  • Daily online lessons will be M-TH via YouTube and provided by a TWL teacher!

  • All June summer campers will receive a SPECIAL TWL promotional item! (To be announced)

  • An add-on fee will be available if you need extra supplies for additional siblings ($10 for each set)

  • PRICE: $50.00

Please print/scan or send a picture to cbender@twlinc.org. If you do not have access to print please send us an email with all of the information on the form.


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