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Together We Learn follows the Early Learning Standards for Illinois for Preschool and Pre-K. We work closely with the Kindergarten teachers in our District to achieve the goals our students need to enter Kindergarten. The following are a part of our integrated curriculum.

1. My Math

2. PAT - Phonemic Awareness Time (Michael Haggerty)

3. Open Court Language Development

4. STEAM Science Program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)

5. ABC Mouse (touch screen computer station)

6. Thematic Units

7. Daily Learning Stations including self guided play

8. Letter, Number, Color, Shape, Word of the week

9. Spanish, Yoga, and Sign Language

10. Art, Music and P.E.

11. Dance/Yoga Gross Motor - 1X a month with Ms. Susan

12. Second Step (SEL) Social Emotional Learning

13. Take-Home Activities - Projects to work on as a family to reinforce learning together.

14: Creative Curriculum including, "Mighty Minutes"



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